My tests of consist of buying the 2,500 visitor package for the category Income Opportunties and sending it to a Marketing Pond splash page, and their “massive website exposure” package of 20,000 visitors and sending it to this blog.

My metrics for the Marketing Pond campaign are signups, and for the blog are RSS subscribers.

I started receiving traffic within 24 hours, as promised. Initially, the traffic has been on the order of 100 visitors a day. According to the website, this should ramp up over time. All traffic shows in my logs as being referred from IP address

For the Marketing Pond splash page, after about 170 visitors, there have been 0 click throughs on the splash page. I’m using the TEToolbox, a free service which tracks this for me. That splash page normally runs at a 5% click through rate in traffic exchanges. However, the amount of traffic is low enough yet that this may or may not be significant.

For the blog itself, after about 200 visitors, RSS subscribers increased by 4. This is also inconclusive, as the normal fluctuation of Feedburner stats can raise or lower the number that much as subscribers either check or don’t check the feed that particular day. As the number of visitors increases, I’d expect to see this number raise above the level of noise if the traffic is converting.

The bounce rate for the blog was running at about 50% before the campaign started, and jumped to 75% when traffic started to flow. It’s been dropping 10% per day while the traffic continues to arrive, and is back to normal levels now. Similarly the average time on the site dropped considerably, to about a minute and a half when the campaign started, and has now risen to about five and a half minutes. It would seem that the visitors are finding the blog interesting, despite the lack of an appreciable jump in RSS subscribers. This suggests the traffic is real people, and not automated hits.

So, it’s too early to say whether the traffic converts, but in all other respects the service works as advertised.

Signing up as an affiliate of is free, and I see nothing in their terms of service that keep you from using your own affiliate link for your own orders. In addition, when you have a campaign running, you can add visitors to the campaign for a 20% discount. They’re basically giving you your affiliate commission as a discount rather than as cash back.

Update: you do not receive credit for your own sales through your referral link. The sale shows up, but has a value of $0. So you pay the full price for the initial traffic, and once your campaign is running get the 20% off for adding traffic.

And if anyone reading this arrived here through a link other than one to Online Opportunity, let us know. I’d love to hear from you, and you’re just in time to enter the July comment contest.

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