I’ve been digging more into the Project Payday website.

They have a section titled “Free Offers” in the member’s area. There’s a mention in there about shipping and handling fees in the offers that reads like this:

On this page you’ll find various free offers and resources that are all highly recommended by the staff here at Project Payday. Some of these can help you make even more money online, and some are just great free offers.

Many are 100% free, but some do charge a small S&H fee since they’ll be sending you valuable free stuff in the mail. If you get some of these just let us know – we have special arrangements with them and we can rebate you DOUBLE the fee.

So you sign up for an offer that requires a $2 shipping and handling fee, and Project Payday pays you $4 for doing so.

My big question was, does this apply to the offer you need to do when you activate your membership? So I contacted their customer support, and the answer was “Yes”.

The effect is that Project Payday is a site that actually pays you to join it. You join, complete an offer to activate your account, and get double the shipping and handling back once you join.

You do have to use the contact form in the members’ area (look in the “Free Offers” section) to request your rebate. It isn’t an automatic process.

Also, note that the “Free Offers” section shows other offers you can do to receive a rebate.

Don’t do them!

Some of those offers are the same ones that people looking for referrals at free item sites will need you to perform, and they’ll pay you far more than you’ll get back from Project Payday as a rebate.

So, to summarize:

1) Join Project Payday.

2) Complete an offer to join, and pay the required shipping and handling fee. Pick one with the highest shipping and handling fee.

3) Once you’re into the members’ area, go to the “Free Offers” area and click the “Contact Us” link to request your rebate.

You’ve now gotten paid to get access to a site that will tell you how to make even more money completing offers for other people. And Project Payday received a commission from you completing the activation offer.

It’s nice to find a site that truly does have a win/win offer these days.

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