Update: the information below is out of date, since the Power of a Dollar changed how the program works. See my more recent Power of a Dollar Update for the most recent information.

Power of a Dollar is a strange mix of MLM program and traffic exchange. It was a toss up whether to use the Internet Marketing category or the Make Money Online category for the post.

It’s setup in a 3×15 forced matrix, which is almost impossibly hard to fill. The twist with PoaD is that you surf three sites per day as a member of the traffic exchange, providing a review of each site. In exchange, your site gets viewed and you get one additional position in the matrix. So as everyone in PoaD continues to surf their three sites a day, the matrix fills up far faster than it would relying smply on referrals.

Now, the MLM veterans among you are probably wondering where the money comes into it all. It’ll cost $11 a month to be a member of PoaD when it launches August 1st. You get paid 1 cent each time a new position is added into your 3×15 matrix (including your own positions). A completely full matrix would earn you 1 cent times the number of people in a 3×15 matrix (lots). That 1 cent is a one time payment, not residual.

Okay, I couldn’t just leave it at lots, so I wrote a Java program to see how many positions really are in a 3×15 matrix. The answer is 21,523,359. At 1 cent per position, that’s $215,233.59. Keep in mind this is paid over the course of a perhaps long period of time as new positions are put into the matrix.

Ongoing income also comes from the extra positions you earn through the trafffic exchange. Each of those positions earns the same way from its own 3×15 matrix, for a maximum amount of another $215,233.59.

While some of the details are a bit vague yet, the concept is certainly interesting. The traffic exchange portion of the program is quite nice, with visitors being forced to read your site to review it and answer questions about it to get credit. This is a better deal than the one or two seconds someone actually sees your site for on typical traffic exchanges.

Another of the nice touches they’ve done is that when you join the program, you get a series of missions to perform. These missions take you from becoming familiar with the program all the way through getting your own referrals into the program by surfing other traffic exchanges. If you’ve ever joined a program and then wondered, “What now?”, you won’t get that here. By the time you finish all the missions, you’ll have a system in place for getting more referrals. This is something that more programs should adopt.

The benefit of getting referrals into this system is that you earn what they earn. This is known as a 100% matching bonus in MLM circles, and is pretty common.

I have no idea if this program will succeed or not, but it’s a new concept in a market that hasn’t seen too many new concepts lately.

Click here to join Power of a Dollar for free. You won’t be asked for payment information until the August 1st launch, at which point you can decide if you think it’s worth paying into or not.

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