Post Launch Profits is a new ebook put out by Alex Jeffreys.

The ebook is less a collection of techniques than Alex’s story about how he generated over $100,000 in sales in a year. While the ebook is great from an inspirational standpoint, the “If he can do it so can I” type of thing, what really makes it a terrific read is how he made the money.

I’d recently written a post about How To Succeed In Internet Marketing. Some of the advice in that post was, “Find a mentor”, “Create products”, “Network”, and “Experiment”.

Alex made his $100K in a year by doing all of that.

He’d been making a living selling products on Ebay, and switched to offering a membership site that taught others how to make a living on Ebay. That membership site was his vehicle for making the $100K in a year.

Some of the points that struck me as I read through the ebook.

The Importance of Mentors: Alex wouldn’t have succeeded if it hadn’t been for his mentors. A mentor can short-circuit the learning curve and help keep you motivated.

Note that despite having great mentors, Alex still made lots of mistakes. But he experimented and kept going and ultimately succeeded.

The Importance of JV Partners: The majority of Alex’s sales came from JV partners recommending his site. As I said in my earlier post, this is what makes the gurus gurus, the use of JV partners to launch products.

The ebook does talk about some specific techniques, but it’s the overall mindset of a successful Internet Marketer that’s most important to take away from reading it.

Click here for your free copy of Post Launch Profits.

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