The POAD Team Exchange is now automatically removing members from the database who haven’t surfed in the last 30 days.

Presumably this applies to pro members, too, so if you have a membership at the exchange it’d be a good idea to stop in and surf now and then to keep your account active.

I’m not entirely sure of the reasoning behind this automatic pruning, since inactive referrals do no harm other than taking up space in the database. Removing them seems to eliminate any possibility that they’ll return and be active later…who would want to rejoin a program that has removed them without even so much as a warning?

Likely this is another of the growing pains that new programs go through. I’m getting decent results with the exchange, now that I’ve switched to advertising a program that isn’t being advertised by everyone else.

If you’d been signed up with POAD and had your account removed lately, you can click here to signup again if you want to give it another try.

My apologies for the shortness of posts the past couple of days. I’m hopeful that the flu will be gone next week and I’ll be able to devote more energy to the blog.

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