So you’re convinced that you need to make the switch to creating products rather than selling someone else’s products. And ebooks seem simple enough to create, so you decide to write an ebook and sell it. But how do you come up with the subject of your ebook?

Your first instinct will be to write an ebook about Internet Marketing.

This is natural. After all, you’re trying to make money online, and have been investing a huge amount of time (and probably money) trying to learn how to do that. So you’re steeped in Internet Marketing lore, and have probably started to realize that much of what people do doesn’t work well. So writing an ebook that tells people what does work for you seems like a natural choice.

The problem is that there is so much information out there about Internet Marketing that prospective buyers have no way of knowing if you’re giving them good information or not. And most people are giving away ebooks to build lists, so it’s hard for someone to justify spending money on yours unless you have a track record of success (or at least the perception of a track record of success).

So, if an Internet Marketing ebook would be a hard sell, what else is there?

Let’s face it, you may be really into making money online, but you also had a life before Internet Marketing. You had hobbies, you had things you were naturally good at, other things you weren’t so good at but really interested in, etc. You may not get to do all that as much now as before, but you have all that knowledge in you.

Pick your ebook subject out of that wealth of non-Internet Marketing knowledge. If you’re an avid golfer who had a lot of trouble correcting your slice, write an ebook sharing what worked for you. If you’re a rock climber who found lots of good places to climb in Ohio, write a guide book telling others where they were.

By venturing outside the Internet Marketing world, you’re improving your odds a bit. In the Internet Marketing world, every prospective customer is also a potential competitor who is trying to sell their own ebook. Outside of that world, the vast majority of your prospective customers would never think about writing an ebook and selling it. Plus, no matter how many people want to make money online, there are still a lot more involved in any of the major hobbies.

You’ll still have to market your ebook, of course, but that’s all part of the learning curve.

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