I’m using my seldom updated personal blog as a test bed for PayPerPost.com, which I first mentioned exactly three months ago in one of my first posts, How to Make Money Blogging.

It’s taken that long to get my personal blog accepted by PayPerPost.

The first submission failed because the blog needed to be both at least 90 days old (it was), and have 20 posts in that 90 day period (it didn’t). It took them a week or so to notify me about the reason.

The second submission failed because I had Blogger setup to only display a single post on the home page, and apparently that’s against the PayPerPost rules. Again, it took a week or so for the notification.

The third submission worked after I changed a Blogger setting to show multiple posts on the home page. This time the approval happened in a day after submitting.

So, finally, three months after writing about it I’m ready to start testing PayPerPost. I’ll let you know how it goes.

As a bonus, though, once I complete ten offers on my personal blog, I’ll be able to add this blog to PayPerPost. I don’t intend to do paid posts here, but with the blog accepted I can participate in their get-paid-to-review-my-blog promotion, so you all could earn money for reviewing your favorite posts here.

First, though, I have to make it through ten offers.

Have you had any luck with paid offers on your blog, whether through PayPerPost.com or somewhere else?

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