Well, the long awaited Page Rank update seems to have happened, or be in the process of happening.

I’ve said before that Page Rank isn’t all that important. It’s a visible way of measuring inbound links to your website, and so has been used by advertisers to help set advertising costs for sites. But it’s a minor factor in your search engine results positioning, and really shouldn’t be something you obsess about increasing.

But, as Carolyn mentioned in a previous comment, it’s nice to have something higher than 0. You can see what your page rank is at various data centers by going to DigPageRank.com. For example, it looks like JugglingFrogs.com has a new page rank of 3.

Online Opportunity comes up as a 4 in all the data centers except for a few. Since the previous page rank was 0, I’d say that the new page rank will be 4. This is due in part to the link building campaign I did over the summer, submitting to a large number of directories. I built those links to get the SEO benefit from the links, not to build page rank, but you can’t help but build page rank when you add more inbound links.

Way back when, I’d announced a contest to guess the new page rank. At the time, I thought the next update would be in August. We’re a couple of months late, but a contest is a contest.

Rosa, over at Gaje Master, was the only one with the correct guess. So Rosa wins the prize!

We never did figure out what the prize was, though. If you have any requests, Rosa, let me know. Keep in mind that I’m currently backlogged on doing work on Lori’s blog from the last contest, so anything that requires much work will probably wait a while.

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