This seems to be the season for new free services. is a service that provides payment processing for free. The idea is that you can sell either a file containing an ebook, audio, video, etc, or you can sell a page of content on your site. Oronjo takes care of storing the product you’re selling in a secure area of their own site, so nobody can access it until they have paid. Oronjo also takes care of payment processing, using either Paypal, Google Checkout, or with Oronjo credit. Presumably the Oronjo credit is gained by previously selling something.

Oronjo takes no fee for the service, so only the normal Paypal or Google Checkout fees apply. What’s the advantage to using Oronjo over doing it yourself?

Well, anyone can take payment with Paypal pretty easily. But setting up a secure storage location on your web host, so that people can’t download the product without paying for it, is harder. And integrating that secure space with payment processing is hard. All of that can be done, but if you’re just dipping your toes into the waters of selling your own products online, Oronjo provides a very easy, free way to give it a try.

If your products do well, you may very well want to set up payment processing yourself. That would open your possibilities to more payment processors, and give you complete control over it all.

If you’re the type that likes to donate to charity, Oronjo has the option to automatically donate the proceeds from certain products to a charity of your choice.

The whole idea behind Oronjo is to make it so easy for anyone to sell their digital products online that they can afford to charge less for them. You’re eliminating the middle-men, so can afford to make a little money from a lot of people. At least that’s the Oronjo way. You’re free, of course, to set whatever price you want. is a very nice service that should lower the bar considerably for people to try selling online.

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