I’m taking a break from SEO to do another ebook review, this one of “On Demand Profits“.

On Demand Profits” is one of those $7 ebooks. I’m finding a trend with these sorts of ebooks. They each give you one technique, and explain it in great detail. In this ebook, the technique is a way to get your affiliate links out to where people can see them, and to people who have a motivation to click on them.

The ebook itself is very professionally done. There’s a cover page, table of contents (9 sections, no less, for a single technique!), and the writing is clear and understandable. It was written by Alok Jain, who has apparently put out a number of these $7 ebooks (Two Minute Profits, reviewed in an earlier post, was one of his).

I normally don’t reveal the technique in these ebooks, since I don’t want to hurt the author’s sales. In this case, though, the technique is one I regularly recommend to people for free, so I don’t think it’ll make much difference if I tell you what it is.

The technique is this: join forums relevant to the product or service you want to sell, and put your affiliate link in the forum signature. Make sure the forum is one that allows affiliate links in signatures.

My normal advice goes like this: do not promote your link (e.g. posting “Click on my link”), but make quality forum posts and people will follow your link naturally. If you’ve targeted your forum properly and make quality posts, you’ll see some action.

Now, the ebook has 9 sections, so I certainly didn’t do justice to it in two paragraphs. Some of the other topics the ebook covers are:

  • What products to promote
  • How to find suitable forums to use
  • Creating clickable signatures
  • How to track which forums are converting best
  • What not to post in forums

The ebook really is well done. One thing I would not recommend following is his advice to market On Demand Profits to forums related to Internet Marketing. Those forums are saturated with people who aren’t creative enough to find their own niche. Find a new product in a field you’re passionate about, and find forums relevant to that product.

If you want to purchase the ebook, you can do so here: On Demand Profits

Let me know how you do with the technique!

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