Okay, so I’ve gone and done it.

I’ve added an actual advertisement into my sidebar. It’s the DealDotCom plugin that showcases the product of the day. Naturally, if you buy the product through my link, I get a commission from it. And if you join DealDotCom through the widget, then I get ongoing commissions when you purchase the deals.

I’m not entirely sure whether I’ll keep the widget or not.

On the one hand, DealDotCom has improved the quality of its offerings, and I don’t really want to use up a blog post letting you know when they have deals I’d recommend. So using the widget is a low key way to let you see what the deals are in a way that gives me some benefit.

On the other hand, I’ve always resisted adding advertisements of any type to the blog, other than affiliate links to products that I’ve reviewed. DealDotCom offers products that I haven’t reviewed, so should I really be linking to them?

What do you think? Does it hurt my credibility to have the widget in the sidebar?

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