Link exchanges have been part of the SEO toolkit for some time now.

In general, link exchanges don’t work they way most people do them. Search engines aren’t crazy about reciprocal site wide links, so putting another blog on your blogroll in exchange for them putting you on their blogroll isn’t going to do either of you very much good, SEO-wise.

The right way to do link exchanges is to find another site in your niche that you would like to have linking to you. Find a single post on that site that has some text you want as anchor text for a link to your site, and then convince the owner to make that text a link to your site. You can offer a link on a relevant post of yours.

Done this way, the link exchange looks natural to search engines, and you both get a boost in search engine results positioning.

How do you find these sites with owners who are willing to exchange links? Contact every suitable site in your niche, and ask. Yeah, that’s a lot of work, which is why most people don’t do it.

Well, while going through all the Site Build It! tools for my series of SBI! review posts, I came across a link exchange marketplace they offer, called the Site Sell Value Exchange.

You register your site with the exchange, and specify the niche for the site by entering the most common keywords you’re targeting, and a description of the site. The exchange then gives you a list of other sites that cover similar topics, and you can contact the site owners and offer to exchange relevant in-post links.

The exchange takes the hard work out of doing link exchanges right, by providing you with a list of sites whose owners are already willing to exchange links and who want you to contact them about it.

I know my SBI! posts lately have started to sound like I’m a big fan, but I am quickly becoming one. The more I see of the SBI! tools, the more it seems like they have everything put together extremely well. The exchange is just one of the publicly available examples.

Click here for more info on the Site Sell Value Exchange.

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