I’d posted earlier about a free online voice mail service that would be good to use when signing up for surveys and such online, so you didn’t have the hassle of people calling you at home.

Well, I just ran across Brring!, which makes it a bit easier to bear getting those annoying follow up calls.

What the service does is give you a phone number in any area code you choose. But instead of the number going to a voice mail service, so you aren’t bothered, the number forwards to your actual phone number at home. Why would you want that?

Well, before Brring! forwards the call to your home number, it plays an audio advertisement that your caller must listen to in order to talk to you. And you earn money each time one of your callers listens to the audio advertisement. So spread the number around to all those annoying survey sites, and you’ll earn every time one of them calls you at home.

You typically earn $0.05 for each ad played, but your first ten ads earn you $1 each. Presumably this works even if the incoming call is another machine that wants to play something prerecorded to you (like the political campaigns often use). There’s another thought, sign up for all the political parties using your Brring! number so you can earn from their annoying calls.

You also earn $1.00 for each person you refer to Brring!, so this program gets added to my list of ways to make money online free.

Click here to sign up for your own Brring! number for free.

Update: Thanks to people scamming the system, Brring! has stopped paying for each ad play (people were calling their own numbers just to earn from ad plays). You still earn by profiling your friends, by sharing your number, and by referring others. Without the ad play earnings, though, I don’t see much point to it.

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