Long-time readers will remember the crazy month of July, where I held a comment contest. The top commentator by the end of it had over one hundred comments for the month, if I remember correctly.

I awarded a custom EzineArticles.com article to the first and second place commentors that month. I wanted to share how those articles turned out.

Carolyn, over at Juggling Frogs, received an article titled, “Make Your Own Doll House At Home Without Frustration — 5 Tips“. That article was placed into the Crafts & Hobbies category of EzineArticles.com.

Apparently that’s a pretty hot category. Out of 292 views so far, 45 people clicked through the links to Carolyn’s blog, for an astounding 15.4% click through rate. I included two links to specific posts about doll house making, and a general link to the top page of her blog. The top page link received no clicks at all, but the specific posts split the 45 clicks evenly. So I’d say there’s a good market for people looking for detailed information on that sort of topic at EzineArticles.com.

Rosa, at GajeMaster.com, asked for an article about blogging tips. So I wrote “Blogging Tips — Five Things Every Blogger Should Know“, and put it into the Blogging category at EzineArticles.com.

That article was viewed 77 times, and received 5 clicks, for a more normal 6.4% click through rate. Interestingly, these people weren’t so interested in the specific posts linked in the article, but more in the top level link to Rosa’s blog.

These results contrast with a typical article on the make money online topic. There, I see high article views, and low to non-existent click through rates.

It’s all about picking a niche that works well for the article directory. Apparently crafts and hobbies is a rich market on EzineArticles.com. I’d say an intensive article marketing campaign, another 15 to 20 articles on related topics, could do wonders for pulling traffic to Juggling Frogs (or related blogs). A similar campaign about blogging tips wouldn’t do as well, but would still bring in some traffic.

So if you’re wondering if article marketing can work for your blog, it’s worth writing a single article and publishing it to EzineArticles.com to test the market. If the article views and click through rate looks promising, you can ramp up to a full campaign.

For more information on article marketing, see my Article Marketing 101 series.

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