You know the old saying about judging others by the company they keep?

It works pretty well for judging Internet marketers, too. I’m on the mailing lists of a lot of self-proclaimed Internet marketing gurus. When the 7-Figure Code came out recently, every single one was sending out offers to their lists, giving away their own products for free if you’d buy the 7-Figure Code through their link. Now, I didn’t buy the 7-Figure Code, so I can’t say if it’s a good deal or not. But I do know that the gurus wouldn’t give away their own product for free unless they thought they’d make more from you in return.

There are products I’ve bought that have been huge disappointments, such as Autopilot Profits.

Interestingly, only one of the gurus whose lists I’m on promoted Autopilot Profits. And his emails to his list sounded just like the sales page for Autopilot Profits. This tells me that he didn’t care about providing honest information, he only cared about making a sale. I’m still on his list in the event that something blog-worthy passes through it, but I won’t buy anything on his recommendation.

You can judge Internet marketers by the products they promote. More importantly, as an Internet marketer, you will be judged by the products you promote. If you go for the quick buck you may gain a sale at the cost of your own reputation. In the long run, promoting only products you truly believe in will improve your reputation and aid in branding yourself.

This does imply that you actually have bought and used the products you promote, which is just one of your business expenses as an Internet marketer.

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