This is my day for reviews, apparently.

When I first went to Ja Kel Daily Dot Com, I had such a sense of deja vu that I had to check the Firefox address bar to make sure I wasn’t actually at John Chow Dot Com. The WordPress theme used is the same, the layout is the same, right down to a picture of a car in the main banner.

Now, I just wrote a post talking about learning from the people who are making money online, featuring John Chow. Jason Neuman, the editor of Ja Kel Daily Dot Com apparently felt the same and decided to create a John Chow Dot Com clone. Since Jason hopes to make money from his blog, I suppose cloning John Chow’s site does give him an edge. Jason has even cloned John’s review scheme to improve his search engine rankings for the keyword “make money”. He might have wanted to pick a less competitive keyword…even John Chow isn’t on the first page of Google results for that one.

A blog should really be judged by its content, though. Of the posts showing on the home page when I visited, 4 were paid reviews, 3 were rehashed topics from other blogs, 1 was the post about his review scheme, and 2 were original content.

One of the original posts was about Squidoo, and the other was about an article submission service. The Squidoo post was pretty much just an overview with his referral link. No problems with that, but it would have been nice to see some concrete tips for newcomers to Squidoo. The article submission service was a new one to me, and I enjoyed reading about it. I’ll be interested to see what sorts of results Jason gets with it, since article submission can be a powerful tool for getting backlinks.

So, what can we learn from Ja Kel Daily Dot Com about making money online? One is that it isn’t necessary to have much original content to blog each day, if you’re willing to reuse ideas from other blogs. The other is that using John Chow’s scheme of offering backlinks in exchange for reviews is a great way to build traffic. According to Jason, in the comments of the linked post, he had 0 subscribed readers before he started using the review for backlink scheme, and now has hundreds.

While I probably won’t subscribe to Ja Kel Daily Dot Com, I do have to admire Jason for putting together a package that makes him money online. It’s hard to argue with success.

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