I’ve mentioned the Internet Marketing Center in another post about affiliate marketing.

Just recently I received an email from them about a promotion they’re doing. They’re offering an Internet Marketing starter kit for $2.95. This isn’t an ebook, but actual printed material sent to your home via Federal Express. You get 64 lessons in over 800 pages, plus 4 CDs and a DVD.

This is labeled as a 30 day free trial (apparently the $2.95 is for shipping), so it isn’t clear to me whether you need to send back the material if you don’t want to keep it, or what. But if you’re a newcomer to the Internet marketing arena, $2.95 is worth 30 days to look over the material. You can always copy what you find valuable, and if you don’t think the rest of it is worth whatever they’ll charge you after 30 days, send it back.

I’ve signed up for it to see what all the package contains. You can get your copy sent to you here. I’ll post a review of it once I have the material, but the $2.95 promotion will be over by then.

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