A couple of days ago I started hunting for information on improving the cost-per-click (CPC) you get with Adsense ads. I was a bit tired of losing visitors from my sites for an 11 cent click (that’s an extreme example, but it happens).

I know that the amount you make per click with Adsense is dependent on a number of factors that you don’t control directly, including your click-through-rate compared to other sites in your niche. But I knew that Adsense allows you to block specific websites from displaying ads, so I basically wanted to find somewhere that provided a list of low paying sites.

I ran across this post pretty quickly: How To Improve Google Adsense Revenue. The post covers the basics, and is a great tutorial if you’re new to Adsense. It didn’t cover what I was looking for, but it’s a quality post that’s worth a look.

I also found this post on Blocking Out Unwanted And Miserable CPC Sites. It talks about a database called Ads Black List that was exactly what I was looking for in the first place.

Ads Black List allows you to enter all the domains you run ads on, along with keywords for those domains. It’ll then search its database of MFA and low CPC sites and see which ones target those keywords. You get a list of those in a format suitable for copying and pasting into the Adsense competitive ads filter box.

Now ads from those sites won’t show up in your Adsense ads. This helps block those doing Adsense arbitrage, or just those who pay a really low CPC.

I’ve just used this for my sites, so don’t have anything to report on the results. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update: Since I wrote this, I’ve seen a bit of increase in CPC for my sites. I don’t have enough data yet to make a conclusion, but the initial increase seems to be very good.

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