Our next guest poster is AnnaLaura, from InterNetwork Marketing Wealth, with some tips on using the Internet for Network Marketing.

You may have already heard the term internetwork marketing but you might not know what it is. Internetwork marketing is the process of building a network marketing organization using the internet. So how do you do this effectively? The internet has so many options and opportunities that it can be easy to get lost or waste a lot of time with activities that are not productive.

1. Make a plan for how you are going to use the internet with your network marketing business. For example, are you going to write articles? How many? Create a blog? What will be the major theme or topic of your blog? Join social networking communities? Which ones?

2. Create a website that offers useful content to its visitors and positions you as either a network marketing expert, or a professional in the field in which you are representing yourself.

3. Develop a plan for how you will brand yourself online. For example, you will probably want to start a newsletter and I highly recommend registering yourname.com if it is available.

4. Decide who your target market is. Make sure to include the obvious such as other network marketers, and business opportunity seekers but you may also want to include less obvious groups of people such as teachers and librarians.

5. Commit to working on your internetwork marketing plan long term. Realize that you will not make a ton of money and achieve your goals overnight.

6. Have your long-term goals for your business and for your internet activities written down. Make sure they are specific and include timelines. For large projects also write down a list of the specific steps you will need to take to make it happen.

7. Enlist the help of others who have been there and done it. Research what you can online about internetwork marketing and ask for help from anyone who offers it. There is no need to re-invent the wheel or to waste time by failing to focus on what will work the best for you.

Building a network marketing organization via the internet can be fun and very profitable. It also takes time and a lot of work. If you are a technology oriented person then this may be a great option for you. Otherwise, know that it can be done, but you will need to have patience and it may take longer than you had hoped.

AnnaLaura Brown is a professional network marketer who builds her business online. She loves helping others read their goals and dreams. To learn more about her and subscribe to her newsletter visit InterNetwork Marketing Wealth.

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