Look for advice for beginning bloggers on the Internet, and you’ll find lots. Some of it will be about posting regularly, preferrably daily. But if you can’t make daily, pick a frequency and stick with it.

I find myself having trouble limiting myself to daily posting. In fact, I’m usually not successful, having a couple of posts each day, sometimes more. I have so many ideas for post topics that it’s tough to not simply write them all and post them. I could use WordPress’ timestamp feature to write them all and post them daily over the next month, but I enjoy writing something each day. A month without doing so might get me out of the habit.

I’d like to get some feedback from the readers. Is it distracting to have multiple posts in a day? Has the number of posts been too much, or just right?

If you’re reading this through a feed, I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to come to the website and leave a comment. I try to ensure that the feed contains no more than two posts a day. Does that work for you or would you rather just have a single post each day?

Thanks for your feedback!

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