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Looking ahead to the one-year anniversary of Online Opportunity, I’m interested in doing something different than I’ve done before. The anniversary, measured by the date of my “Welcome” post, will be April 18th, just a bit over three weeks away. I’d like to take a little time off daily blogging during that time, and give readers who want some more exposure for their writing an opportunity to guest blog here.

So if you think you want to give guest blogging a try here, contact me and let me know what topic you’d want to write a post on, and give me a couple of links to posts or articles you’re especially proud of. If your post idea sounds on topic, I’ll ask for a first draft. If that looks good, you can finish the post and be featured here in a few weeks.

Some ground rules:

1) Posts must be of the educational variety. You can post a tutorial about something, you can explain something that is widely misunderstood, or whatever. But no posts that simply advertise the latest opportunity, and no opportunity reviews.

2) Posts should contain an “About the Author” section at the end where you say who you are and have two or three links to sites of your own. I reserve the right to disallow links that are to spammy sites, since in Google’s eyes it’ll be my blog recommending that site.

3) Inside the post, link appropriately to sites you recommend. An affiliate link is okay, as long as it adds value to the post’s topic. Again, no links to spammy sites, unless they’re an example of how to not do what you’re teaching.

I’m willing to take a fairly large number of guest bloggers for this, assuming the quality of the posts are suitable. And one person can do more than one guest post if you want, although I’ll give preference to showcasing as many different authors as possible.

I’m looking forward to driving some traffic your way!

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