There’s been a lot written on the net about getting traffic from expired domains.

The basic idea is that people register domains, create websites for them, build up a nice set of backlinks, and then for one reason or another allow the domains to expire. The backlinks for those domains still exist, and still get traffic. You can buy an expired domain and take advantage of the traffic already coming to it. It’s like getting lots of backlinks all at once.

The problem with this is figuring out which domains has the sort of traffic that you want, finding who owns it, negotiating a price, completing the transaction with some sort of escrow service, etc.

When all you really want is nicely targeted traffic to your site. Enter sells packages of traffic through expired domains they have purchased. They will redirect appropriately targeted expired domains to point to any URL on your website. They have dozens of different categories of expired domains you can choose as your source of traffic.

Keep in mind that these visitors are not expecting to see your website. They’re expecting to see whatever website the link they clicked on was supposed to point to. You’re guaranteed that the topic of the expired site will match yours, so at least the visitor is interested in the topic of your site. But you’re still not exactly what they expected to see.

The same rules apply here as apply to using traffic exchanges. Don’t send visitors to the main page of your site, send them to a splash like page that offers them something of value in exchange for signing up at your website (or for your list, or whatever). You have one chance to convince these visitors that your website will fill their need just as well as the website they thought they were going to see.

Prices for the traffic go as low as 3 tenths of a cent per visitor. This is more expensive than popunder traffic, but is also higher quality traffic since the visitor is interested in the topic. is appropriate for people who want the sort of traffic expired domains can give, but aren’t willing to go through the hoops of finding and purchasing expired domains themselves.

I’m going to be running a test this week of some traffic, and will report on the results. In the meantime, you can also earn a bit of money referring others to the site. Click on the link above and go to their Affiliates section to signup for free, and earn 20% of any sales you make through your affiliate link.

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