Getting paid to shop online probably sounds like major scam bait. After all, how could someone afford to pay you to spend money?

This is actually pretty common. The basic setup is that someone creates a website where you can click on links to various online retailers. The owner of the website is signed up as an affiliate for all those online retailers, so when you click their link and buy something, they get a commission. They then give you a portion of the commission as a way of saying, “Thanks for buying through my link”.

Sites like Cash Crate and Inbox Dollars do this in pretty much the simplistic manner I described above.

Other sites get more sophisticated about it. The best of them is Big Crumbs.

The site provides multiple ways of finding what you want to buy, from selecting an online retailer by name to drilling down into product categories. You can clearly see the amount of money you’ll get from buying through a particular retailer’s link. You can even get money back from winning Ebay auctions, just by clicking through Big Crumbs to make your bids.

One of the nicest parts of Big Crumbs is that you can mark retailers as being a favorite, and they’ll show up in a special area. So you don’t have to search through the list again for stores you buy from often.

Another site that offers similar functionality, but without quite the same level of professionalism in the website, is My Power Mall. Click here to see an example of the retail side of My Power Mall.

Both Big Crumbs and My Power Mall provide you with two levels of membership.

Crumb Saver and a Personal Power Mall offer you the maximum money back on your own shopping. With Crumb Saver you also earn a referral commission on any purchases your direct referrals make, while the Personal Power Mall only pays you for your own purchases.

The other option is Crumb Earner and Business Power Mall. Both offer you multi-level commissions from your referrals. At Big Crumbs, you get paid down 5 levels, and at My Power Mall, you get paid down 9 levels. Referral commissions are typically small, but as the number of referrals increases those small amounts can add up.

Membership in all these sorts of sites is free.

If you spend much money online, and who doesn’t these days, a site like Big Crumbs or My Power Mall can end up paying you back a fair amount of money over the course of a year.

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