Regular readers will remember that I downloaded a huge amount of ebooks as part of a special offer from a Home Income Team membership.

I’d been trying to figure out some way to get that information into the hands of my readers. The main problem is that most of these sorts of ebooks do not come with give-away rights. You can resell them, but not give them away for nothing. You can, generally, use them as part of a promotion for a paid site membership, or as incentive to get people into your list.

I’d about decided that what made the most sense was to turn part of the Network into a paid membership site, charging a $1 one-time fee for access to all the ebooks I’ve downloaded.

Imagine my surprise when I ran across a site called Five Cent Money Maker that took the same idea and underbid me by 95 cents. For 5 cents, you can download a collection of ebooks. These ebooks are especially useful as practical introductions to Adsense, Adwords, and related topics.

The complete list of material is:

  • Adsense Basics
  • Adwords 101
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Super Affiliate Wizard
  • $1500 on Ebay
  • Habits of Successful Internet Entrepreneurs
  • List Building Overdrive
  • Millionaire Marketing Mindset
  • SEO Mistakes
  • The Five Successful Steps of Internet Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Video Tutorial Madness

That last item needs a bit of explanation. It’s a single EXE file that provides access to over 250 videos on 17 topics related to Internet Marketing. For example, there are 14 videos on creating a mini-website, and 58 videos on web design tips, along with 10 videos on maximizing your Adsense income, plus plenty more.

And you get all this for 5 cents.

The gimmick is that the first person to buy gets it for 5 cents. The second person gets it for 10 cents, and so on, with the price increasing by 5 cents for each purchase. And with your purchase, you become an affiliate of the site and can sell the same materials starting at 5 cents again.

The $1 token membership fee I’d been considering seemed quite a bargain, 5 cents is ridiculously low. Even when the price gets up to $1, it’s still a lot of good material for the money.

I may still turn part of the Network into a membership site some day to provide access to the increasingly huge collection of ebooks I have, but for now you can get a modest selection of it at Five Cent Money Maker.

I’m pleased to find sites like this that don’t follow the accepted model of Internet Marketing. While they may flop, it’s by trying something new that we find out what will work best in days to come. Oh, and if you’re the sort that enjoys getting into these sorts of things before the crowd, I was affiliate #18.

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