So many of the Internet Marketing techniques that are promoted these days are fear based.

Countdown timers, limited time offers, good for one-day-only, this video is being pulled soon, price increase tomorrow, etc. All these are basically ways to play upon a potential customer’s fear of missing out, to stimulate them into purchasing a product before they’re ready to do so.

Fear is also used as a way to suggest that, if you don’t purchase the product, all sorts of bad things will happen to you. You won’t make a million in 30 days, you won’t be able to quit your day job, people won’t like you, etc.

To a certain extent, this is unavoidable. If you present proof of success, many people will buy out of a fear that they cannot succeed without your help. But there’s a difference between fear coming up in people because of who they are, and a marketer deliberately instilling fear as a way to convert a potential customer.

What sort of marketer do you want to be? Sure, it’s effective to instill fear, in terms of selling products.

But most of the products bought out of fear go unused. How many Internet Marketing products have you bought that you never used, just because you felt you’d lose out if you didn’t buy them? How many ebooks are on your hard drive, filled with techniques you’ve never used?

Products that get used are ones bought from confidence. People who get to research the product, discuss it with others who have bought it, and come up with a plan for using it, tend to actually use the product. Those are also the products that will succeed for customers. At least that’s been my experience with Internet Marketing related products.

So what’s your measure of success as an online marketer? Is it how much you make, or how many of your customers succeed?

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