CbproAds.com is a ClickBank ad program.

The basic idea is that you can embed ads on your website that link to ClickBank products. The advantage to this rather than Adsense is that your commission on ClickBank products is usually quite high. The disadvantage is that you don’t get paid for clicks, only for sales.

CbproAds.com also provides a ClickBank store front. ClickBank has loads of products, but selling them means promoting individual products. A store front organizes the products and allows visitors to browse them. When they buy, you get the commission.

So far, everything sounds pretty good. The CbproAds.com emphasizes that it’s free to join, and you get a lot of benefits. The FAQ page even has a nice chart showing the advantages of CbproAds.com over other services.

After signing up, you discover that you can only get a storefront by being a paid subscriber. As a free member, you can only put ClickBank ads on your website. They’ve priced the subscription low enough (less than $3 a month if you prepay enough in advance) that many people will subscribe because they want the storefront. In addition, you don’t earn from referrals unless you’re also a paid subscriber.

I consider this sort of bait and switch to be poor business practice. They could easily post the differences between a paid subscription and a free membership on the FAQ page, so that people new what they were getting into when they signed up. And allowing people to earn from referrals as free members is only good practice, since it gives more people an incentive to promote your business.

I may have sprung for the subscription to give the store front a try, if they’d been up front about the cost. As it is, I wouldn’t trust CbproAds.com to not pull some other bait and switch later on, and have remained a free member.

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