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I finally bit the bullet, and updated my very-out-of-date version of WordPress. I’d been having trouble with the old one not allowing me to moderate comments. Unfortunately, I had so many spam comments that I just deleted them all. My apologies to the legitimate comments in the past year that got deleted, too. With the [...]

It’s time for another change for the blog. Phase One of the blog was the initial phase, where the focus was on regular posting and education. This was a year long phase, and most of what I was sharing was what I was learning as I was going, although a portion was the typical “Here’s [...]

Project In Development

My apologies to my regular readers who missed a post here last night. I’ve been using my online time to work on a new project. This one’s an ebook, but rather than a general information ebook like Link Cloaking 101, this one is going to be a down and dirty, nuts and bolts, how-to for [...]

Giving SezWho A Try

I’m sure all you EntreCard users out there have seen the announcement about the partnership with SezWho. SezWho is a commenting service that will combine with EntreCard to earn you EntreCard credits for commenting on SezWho enabled blogs. I’m a bit skeptical about the whole thing, because the quality of EntreCard traffic is pretty bad [...]

Summer Posting Schedule

I’ve decided to cut back on my posting a bit during the summer. There are lots of good reasons for this, including spending more time with my daughter. What’s really driven me to do it, though, is the fact that we’ll be taking two weeks during June for vacations. I’ll be out of Internet contact [...]

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