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Anyone creating web site content should learn from their site’s bounce rate. The bounce rate for a web site is the percentage of web visitors that land on a page on your site, and don’t look at anything else. They don’t read other articles on your site…and if you’re writing a blog, this should probably [...]

I finally bit the bullet, and updated my very-out-of-date version of WordPress. I’d been having trouble with the old one not allowing me to moderate comments. Unfortunately, I had so many spam comments that I just deleted them all. My apologies to the legitimate comments in the past year that got deleted, too. With the [...]

A lot has been written online about how to get your sites indexed in Google. Generally, the advice runs in two flavors. One set of people say that you need to submit your site and do a fair amount of work. These are generally the people trying to get you to pay them to do [...]

A post over at the Bloggeries Forum about an SEO trick using nofollow links caught my attention the other day. While the poster made some points I didn’t agree with (namely using nofollow when linking to certain authority sites), the basic principle is an excellent one. Web sites and blogs are treated the same as [...]

There’s a lot said about various SEO factors, but one that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the importance of updating your site on a consistent schedule. More often is best, of course, but if you can only update the site once a week, then make sure you do update it each week at [...]

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