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The Revenue Pro Review

Joey Burdick has started up a blog called the Revenue Pro. At first glance, the site seems like a basic make money online type of blog. The normal sorts of links and such. The blog’s new enough that it hasn’t accumulated a lot of posts, and so hasn’t developed its own character. Joey seemed to [...] Review

While I don’t do many blog reviews, when Arun emailed me about his contest I wanted to let you all know about it. is a new blog about how to make money online. He’s holding what he calls “the golden egg contest“. The contest is modeled after John Chow’s review contest. This sort of [...]

Autopilot Profits Review

Autopilot Profits is an ebook that says it’ll guide you through the process learning Internet marketing and building an autopilot income. The ebook sells for $27, or you may find it offered through a site you already are a member of for $17. The ebook covers four main areas: Finding a hungry crowd Determine what [...]

Make Money Online Reviews

I’ve decided to join the ranks of those bloggers who emulate John Chow in providing backlinks for reviews. In fact, I’ll pretty much just duplicate John’s offer. I’d love to just copy and paste his rules below, but I suspect he has much better lawyers than I do. So here are the rules: You write [...]

Ja Kel Daily Dot Com Review

This is my day for reviews, apparently. When I first went to Ja Kel Daily Dot Com, I had such a sense of deja vu that I had to check the Firefox address bar to make sure I wasn’t actually at John Chow Dot Com. The WordPress theme used is the same, the layout is [...]

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