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Adsense Experiment Ended

Quite some time ago, I’d added Adsense to this blog as an experiment, to see how well Adsense worked on an Internet Marketing type blog. I’d intended the experiment to run for just a few months, but then one thing led to another, and it’s been over a year. I’m now officially ending the Adsense [...]

Which PPC Keyword To Use?

So you’re thinking about using PPC to drive some traffic to your blog pages, or to a mini-site you’ve created. Which keywords to you choose? There are two aspects to that question. One is what keywords will get you good placement for low cost (e.g. low competition keywords). I’ve written about that before. Another aspect [...]

For a while now, I’ve been experimenting with Google Adwords. I’ve always thought that the PPC model, paying for clicks and converting those clicks into higher margin sales, was a good one. But I’d never before invested the time to figure it out. Well, a few months after I started, and I feel like I [...]

When you’re planning on doing an Adwords campaign to sell affiliate products, you need a mini-site to boost your quality score (for more info, see my post on Adwords quality scores). But how do you make a mini-site? Search around for information, and you’ll see some software programs that are supposed to create the sites [...]

I talked a bit about the Adwords quality score yesterday, and the importance of landing pages. Let’s expand on landing pages today, because they’re important for more than just boosting your Adwords quality score. Basically, what’s good for your quality score is good for your campaign. So what’s the purpose of a landing page outside [...]

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