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Designing websites isn’t only about creating something tempting. There must to have thought supporting all design related choices. Selection of colors can be conflicting between the success and failure of a website.

Okay, so for this new ebook I want to create video tutorials as part of an upsell package. My general philosophy on upsell packages is that they should be unique content that makes using the original product much easier for the customer. So those customers that are willing to pay for the upsell package get [...]

Connie, one of the most active members at The Advisory Panel, is scheduled to speak online as part of the Invisible Illness Awareness Week. An “invisible” illness is one that isn’t immediately obvious to someone looking at you…chronic pain, for example. As a reasonably healthy adult geek, I knew intellectually the opportunities that the Internet [...]

As the fall semester starts here, I’ve been busy preparing syllabi, lecture notes, etc. So I haven’t had much time for my online projects, although I did manage to finish another ebook that I’ll launch sometime in September. I wanted to talk a bit about the biggest lesson I’ve learned from watching freshmen as they [...]

Online Time Management

When you’re working online time management becomes an important part of what you do. After all, we all know how easy it is to become distracted by various notifications coming into our email. Bloggers usually get emails when someone leaves a comment, or a comment needs to be moderated. If you run a forum, you [...]

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