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It’s tax time in the United States, so I was compiling the numbers on my Internet Marketing efforts for the last year. My income was down, since I really haven’t been putting much effort into IM this year. For 2008, I think my income was around $2,500. For 2009, it was around $1,400. But here’s [...]

Okay, as promised, here’s the Neglected Niche Sites ebook. Some quick background…I stumbled across this technique early in my days of investigating Internet Marketing techniques. I created a web site around a specific keyword, and put in some affiliate links and Adsense. It wasn’t a good web site, but it was a cut above a [...]

Also as part of Phase Three, I’ll continue to run guest posts to give other people’s writing exposure. Here’s a post with great advice from Daniel Kane on choosing affiliate programs. There are essential elements required to become a successful online affiliate marketer. The first is the ability to attract a reasonable number of visitors [...]

Building Trust

You hear all the time about how it’s important that you build trust with your prospects. It’s 100% true; nobody will spend money or send contact information to someone they do not trust. But actually building that trust is a delicate business. Take a website I ran across today. Here’s the link. In that website [...]

I wrote an ebook (Link Cloaking 101) recently for an Internet Marketing related giveaway. While regular readers are probably tired of hearing about it already, I’ve learned a lot from the process of seeing what other Internet Marketers to in giveaways, and wanted to share. Here’s how to maximize your results from participating in a [...]

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