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Squidoo Challenge

I recently gave myself the challenge to write a Squidoo lens a day, for as long as I could keep it up. My main hurdle in this challenge was to silence my internal perfectionist, the one that says the lens must be perfect before I click publish. That’s wrong for so many reasons, not least [...]

Squidoo Case Study

One of the reasons I love Squidoo is the ease with which you can put together a nice landing page. The modules they have allow you to add Amazon links, pull from RSS feeds, and many other cool features. I’ve been using Squidoo to test out the use of landing pages linking directly to affiliate [...]

Power of a Dollar Analysis

Update: the information below is no longer applicable, since the Power of a Dollar program changed how it all works. See my more recent Power of a Dollar Update for the most recent information. Since Power of a Dollar is an odd sort of program, I thought it would be useful to analyze where the [...]

NPN Case Study Concludes

Back on May 23rd, I posted that I was starting a case study on the promotion of an MLM business through typical beginner Internet marketing techniques. The MLM used was NPN. The point of the case study was not to determine if NPN was a good opportunity or not, but to see how well the [...]

You may be asking yourself, “Why is Jay looking at an MLM opportunity when John Chow makes over $10K a month blogging?” There are a lot of people out there attracted to multi-level marketing. The idea of leveraging the earning potential of those you recruit is a powerful attraction. These people are often those who [...]


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