Cash Crate, a popular get-paid-to (GPT) site has recently increased the amount of commissions you get from new members.

Their basic commission structure is still in place. You get 20% of what your first level referrals get, and 10% of what their first level referrals get. This can amount to quite a bit of money over time, as your referral base grows. You can boost those numbers by referring more active members from the United States. The majority of offers are good only for those members, so they increase your commission rate when you refer more of them. After referring 50 active U.S. members, you get 25% of what your first level referrals make instead of just 20%.

That basic commission structure is one of the best I’ve seen in these sorts of programs. The recent addition adds on another $3 to what you get from your first level referrals who earn their first $10 payout.

When one of your referrals makes their first $10 payout, you’ll have earned 20% of that, for $2. You get a bonus $3 for them making it to their payout, for a total of $5. That’s very generous!

Another thing I like about Cash Crate is that the payout amount is low enough anyone can make it. My Inbox Dollars post walked people through making their first $30 payout…using those same techniques, a Cash Crate member can easily breeze through their first $10 payout.

Click here to join Cash Crate.

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