I promised a review of the co-op advertising program that was mentioned in the Big Dog Heavy Hitters free report, so here are some initial results.

The basic idea behind the co-op is that you contribute to the advertising costs, along with any other members who want to participate in a particular advertising effort, and Rick Katz, the author of the free report mentioned above, personally places advertising, both paid and free, to recruit leads.

Every co-op member gets a share of the leads. It’s part of your job to welcome them and encourage them to consider joining the co-op (Rick has a nice email you can customize for this). You also get to soft-sell them an opportunity of your own, and of course follow up with them later.

Every member also gets a share of the membership fees generated by all this advertising. So you’re getting leads, and also earning back the cost of the advertising from new memberships in the co-op.

Normally, when I see programs like this, I’m skeptical. After all, I’ve reviewed a lot of programs that promise easy money, but they’re generally thinly disguised systems to make money for the founder.

The early results of Rick’s co-op are promising, though. I paid for a one-year membership, and that included a single share in the co-op. In a bit under two weeks, I’ve earned around 75% of that back. If I’d known earlier that the program would actually produce results, I’d have sprung for the lifetime membership, which includes two shares in the co-op.

Rick seems to know his marketing, and is doing great at getting people to his free report, which then feeds into the co-op. So if you’re looking for leads who are interesting in making money online, and want to recoup the cost of getting those leads, definitely look into Rick’s co-op.

To get started with it, download his free report here.

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