Well, Google has finally decided to admit that there are links to Online Opportunity, at least inside of their Webmaster Tools area.

I’d been annoyed at Google’s insistence that there were no links, when I knew very well that my link building efforts were moving steadily forward. Apparently Google doesn’t want to provide anyone with any reliable information on the number of backlinks a site has, just in case you can use that to reverse engineer their algorithm.

I’ve been building links through a variety of ways.

Directory submissions have been ongoing, half a dozen every couple of weeks. I add these slowly, because a quick jump in directory submissions tends to lower your search engine rankings rather than raise it. You can see my Directory Maximizer review for details of the service I use to make directory submissions. Since they have a 35 submission minimum, I submit to a range of sites I own, half a dozen directories for each site.

I’ve bought a few links here and there, for PR purposes, but those only early on and none lately. I’ve been meaning to find a few likely sites to purchase a link on to improve my search engine rankings, but haven’t done so yet. Suitable sites would be closely related to the topic of the blog, and have a page in place already with suitable anchor text. And, of course, be willing to sell a link in the body of the article.

A few Ezine articles have provided some backlinks to the main page of the blog, and some deep links to specific posts. I want to do more of this, and get articles distributed farther than just Ezine Articles.

I’ve also posted links in forums that use follow links, using my signature to get links to the main page of the blog. And of course various posts have been linked to from other blogs.

And, of course, every contest generally has a reward in it for linking to the site and the contest page. Every little bit helps.

As a result of the link building efforts, I rank in the top 3 for the keyword “online opportunity” without the quotes (with the quotes I’m #1, which is to be expected). The two other contenders are older sites, one a .gov and one a directory that requires backlinks to it. The exact position of the top 3 shifts over time as Google weights one or the other more highly.

For a three month old blog, I’m pretty happy with that. The blog doesn’t even rate for “make money online” yet, but I haven’t put much effort into link building for that keyword yet. Any sort of review scheme on that keyword will have to wait until the next PR update, since most blogs don’t value backlinks from blogs with lower PR than themselves (which I think is a mistake, but that’s a topic for another post).

Do you have any favorite link building schemes I’ve missed?

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