Autopilot Profits is an ebook that says it’ll guide you through the process learning Internet marketing and building an autopilot income. The ebook sells for $27, or you may find it offered through a site you already are a member of for $17.

The ebook covers four main areas:

  1. Finding a hungry crowd
  2. Determine what to feed them
  3. Tell them about your offer
  4. Put it all on autopilot

As a bonus, the author says he’ll identify a hungry crowd for you, tell you what to feed them, and provide you with a sales page and make it all automatic. What a deal, right?

None of the information in this ebook should be news to anyone who is willing to spend a couple of weeks reading blogs on Internet marketing. It’s all out there, for free, on the web. The ebook could have provided additional value by going into great detail on the four areas above, going beyond what’s available for free. But it didn’t.

Instead, there’s just enough information to give you a vague idea of what you’re supposed to do, and affiliate links to websites and products that will help you to do it. I’m really surprised the author didn’t give this ebook away for free, since he’s bound to make more money from the affiliate links in the book than he does from sales of the book.

The ebook gives you just enough information about Google Adwords to get you into trouble, and then affiliate links out to Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide to Adwords. If you want to find out more about Adwords, get Perry’s book and skip Autopilot Profits.

The ebook continues on to give introductions to blogging, Ebay, forum marketing, traffic exchanges, and article marketing. Also covered are software for generating content automatically (either by scraping it from other blogs or by computer generating it), and another tool for creating hundreds of blogs automatically. At least he does mention that the last one is a black hat technique.

The special bonus, of course, is that you can market Autopilot Profits to other Internet marketers to earn affiliate commissions. You earn $17 out of $27, and meanwhile the affiliate links in the ebook continue to generate profits for the author. He doesn’t even offer a way for you to rebrand the ebook so the affiliate links pay you instead.

Frankly, if you have $27 to spend on learning Internet marketing, give it to me and I’ll give you special unrestricted access to my blog archives (yes, that’s a joke). You’ll be no worse off than if you’d spent that $27 on Autopilot Profits.

Oh, and one good piece of advice the author gives is to market Autopilot Profits by providing an honest review on your blog, noting that honesty will sell more copies. What do you think, did my honest review sell any copies?

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