The August “Win Me As A Slave” contest is about one-third over, so here’s a recap of the results so far.

Lori is currently in the lead, with 13 entries. Rosa is in second, with 7 entries.

There are some other single entries, from people who had marked the blog as a favorite in Technorati before the contest started. Oh, and Enkay (probably unknowingly) has another entry from his recent link to my Valuing Your Blog post. So he’s in third.

Keep in mind that anyone can win, since all the entries go into a hat and one gets picked out. At the moment, Lori is the only one with creative entries, and there may very well be a special prize for creative entries (my current plan is to put the creative entries into a second hat and pick one of those for another prize).

A creative entry is anything outside of what has already been done. This can include offline promotion of the blog, as long as you have proof (take some pictures, or get the blog’s name on the cover of Newsweek, etc).

If I’ve miscounted entries or forgot to count something, be sure to let me know.

Thanks to all the entrants, it’s been fun so far seeing what everyone comes up with!

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