I thought it was time for another DealDotCom update.

For those who haven’t heard about it yet, the site is a place to get discounts on Internet marketing related tools and information. Each deal is available in limited quantities, and only for a single day.

I’d posted most recently about being disappointed in the launch of DealDotCom.

Since then, though, they’ve had a solid line up of regular products offered at around 50% off. Some of the products, like today’s WordPress Cloner, are priced too high regularly, but that’s only to be expected. WP Cloner, in particular, is aimed at a fairly narrow market…those people who run large numbers of blogs and need to administrate them all from a central location. So the high regular price point makes sense, since they’ll get fewer sales than something aimed at the general WordPress market.

Overall, though, I’ve been encouraged by the recent parade of deals at DealDotCom. You can’t beat regular products priced at nearly half off. Just make sure a deal really speaks to you before jumping at it, because there’ll be another one along tomorrow.

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