The July comment contest is officially over!

I want to thank everyone who participated. The blog’s been a lot more fun to be around this month because of everyone commenting. The winner is Carolyn, from Juggling Frogs. In an amazing feat, she not only contributed over one hundred comments during the month, but managed to make each and every comment thoughtful, insightful, and generally long. Carolyn, apologize for me to your family for all the time you missed spending with them during the month!

I wanted to also recognize Rosa, from Gaje Master. Starting late, she made a valiant effort to catch up to the leader, but found that Carolyn had too much of a lead. At over 70 posts, all relevant and thoughtful, in just the past week or two, I thought Rosa deserved something for the huge effort and contribution she’s made to the blog. So I’m awarding an unannounced second place price of another custom article on a topic of her choosing.

The last part of the contest was an article for one of the blogs that promoted the contest. To qualify, they had to link to the contest page. The three entrants were Contest Blogger, Some Make Money, and Bohemian Bloggers.

Utilizing the ultra high-tech method of writing the blog names on pieces of paper and then drawing them randomly, the winner of the final article is…Bohemian Bloggers!

I’ll be in touch through email with all of you to discuss the articles you’ve won.

Thanks again to everyone again for your participation! The blog’s been more like a community during the contest, and I hope you stick around and continue commenting.

Plus, you have the August contest to look forward to. I’m still working out the details, but it involves getting me as a slave for an hour or two. Okay, I’m pretty sure the details of the prize won’t live up to whatever is going through your mind right now, but I wanted a good teaser to close on.

If you stayed up waiting for the contest results, get some sleep!

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