There’s an ebook making the rounds called An Obvious Truth.

Regular readers will know what I think about ebooks, from reading my How To Succeed In Internet Marketing post. So I opted-in and downloaded An Obvious Truth with more than a little skepticism. (That link goes straight to the PDF, so if you want to read it there’s no opt-in.)

It’s written by Armand Morin, a gentleman who has been marketing on the Internet since 1996. Armand’s style in the ebook is refreshingly frank. Here’s a quote, in answer to the question, “Am I going to try to sell you something?”:

Damn Straight! Why in the world would I even bother to write this fifty page Special Report, if I wasn’t?

It’s nice to have someone who’s up front about it, and doesn’t claim to have made a special deal or lost their coupon codes, or whatever.

The ebook itself is very nice. The basic strategy Armand proposes is to sell your own products through Clickbank. He doesn’t recommend you actually write the products yourself, but that you use PLR products or outsource the writing. Shoot for the $300 per month range, then repeat until you’re making $3,000 a month and more.

The ebook is primarily a feeder for Armand’s Internet Marketing Explained blog. On the blog Armand provides Internet Marketing tutorial videos. These are quite good, and not the run of the mill “guru” video. Armand clearly approaches Internet Marketing as a business, and it shows in his videos.

If you want to skip the ebook and see the blog directly, click on the link in the previous paragraph. The ebook itself is a fun read through, and great for anyone doing or thinking about doing Internet Marketing.

You’ll have to act fast to watch the videos on the blog, though, since Armand is launching a paid site on January 18th. I imagine the videos on the blog will go into the paid site at that time.

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