The first Advisory Panel sponsored blog is up and running.

A sponsored blog is one that’s hosted and paid for by the forum itself, and written by a group of forum members who volunteer for the effort. Individual authors are free to use affiliate links in their posts, and keep whatever income that generates. Each author also has an equal share in the proceeds from the sitewide monetization (with the Advisory Panel getting a share, too).

The sponsored blogs are a great way for people new to blogging to get some experience, or for people who want to start another blog but don’t have the time to scratch that itch (each author needs only to post once per week).

The first sponsored blog is, a blog with work at home tips for parents. You can read more about the authors here. They all bring a wide variety of experiences to the blog. I’m excited about the possibilities in a group of authors such as this.

The blog’s still new, but is being updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning with great tips for parents with stay at home jobs. That probably includes a lot of you reading this, so head on over and take a look!

P.S. If you think you might like to try participating in a sponsored blog, head on over to the Advisory Panel and let me know. If we get a group motivated to start another, I’m willing!

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