Since it’s been a little while since the end of my last contest, and I just posted about using contests to entice readers to comment, I’ll start a new contest to encourage comments.

The contest will end July 31st. The winner will be whoever is at the top of the Top Commentators list at the end of that day. My usual comment guidelines apply, and I’ll feel free to delete comments such as “Great idea”, or “Nice post”, or “This is my entry”. Remember that comments are supposed to add value to the post.

The prize will be an original article published on Ezine Articles, linking to two of your URLs with anchor text of your choice. The URLs should lend themselves to an article topic so that the links make sense. You can primarily expect to see some SEO benefit from this, although you might see some additional traffic, too.

A second article, under the same terms as the first, will be awarded at random among the people who link to this post about the contest from their own blog. The same person can win both articles.

Note that I have the Top Commentators list setup to count only comments from the last 30 days. So by the end of July, all the current comment counts will have dropped off the list, so anyone could win.

To enter, just leave comments between now and July 31st.

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