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I’ve been a bit sidetracked from my IM efforts lately, because of the need to build a web site listing local organic food resources in my area. As part of that site creation, I needed to display a list of dates in the sidebar. I run an organic food co-op, and members need to know [...]

Also as part of Phase Three, I’ll continue to run guest posts to give other people’s writing exposure. Here’s a post with great advice from Daniel Kane on choosing affiliate programs. There are essential elements required to become a successful online affiliate marketer. The first is the ability to attract a reasonable number of visitors [...]

It’s time for another change for the blog. Phase One of the blog was the initial phase, where the focus was on regular posting and education. This was a year long phase, and most of what I was sharing was what I was learning as I was going, although a portion was the typical “Here’s [...]

Connie, one of the most active members at The Advisory Panel, is scheduled to speak online as part of the Invisible Illness Awareness Week. An “invisible” illness is one that isn’t immediately obvious to someone looking at you…chronic pain, for example. As a reasonably healthy adult geek, I knew intellectually the opportunities that the Internet [...]

Project In Development

My apologies to my regular readers who missed a post here last night. I’ve been using my online time to work on a new project. This one’s an ebook, but rather than a general information ebook like Link Cloaking 101, this one is going to be a down and dirty, nuts and bolts, how-to for [...]


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