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Building Trust

You hear all the time about how it’s important that you build trust with your prospects. It’s 100% true; nobody will spend money or send contact information to someone they do not trust. But actually building that trust is a delicate business. Take a website I ran across today. Here’s the link. In that website [...]

AffSphere Review

AffSphere is an article directory that claims you have multiple ways to earn. It’s basically a site designed to aggressively monetize article traffic. To give authors an incentive to submit content (beyond the normal benefits of article marketing), AffSphere will send some of those commissions your way. Here’s a quick review of some of the [...]

Random Commission Checks

I received an unexpected check last week from an affiliate network. It was unexpected because I hadn’t really promoted anything from that network for six months or more, so I didn’t expect to have made any sales. Yet there was the check. So I went online, logged in to the affiliate network, and ran some [...]

As the fall semester starts here, I’ve been busy preparing syllabi, lecture notes, etc. So I haven’t had much time for my online projects, although I did manage to finish another ebook that I’ll launch sometime in September. I wanted to talk a bit about the biggest lesson I’ve learned from watching freshmen as they [...]

I wrote an ebook (Link Cloaking 101) recently for an Internet Marketing related giveaway. While regular readers are probably tired of hearing about it already, I’ve learned a lot from the process of seeing what other Internet Marketers to in giveaways, and wanted to share. Here’s how to maximize your results from participating in a [...]

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