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It’s time to create the thank you pages for our autoresponder. This isn’t strictly necessary, since Traffic Wave provides generic thank you pages for us. But, for the same reasons we hosted our own opt-in page when Traffic Wave would have provided one for us, it’s a good idea to host our own thank you [...]

There’s a new paid-to-search site in town, called Scour. In Scour, you earn points by performing web searches. Scour pulls results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN, and ranks them according to the individual rankings on those search engines (it also shows you what each page ranked on each). This alone makes it useful to get [...]

A quick post before I continue the Traffic Wave tutorial, since this is time sensitive. These days, it’s hard to not accumulate a collection of Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights material if you’re doing anything in Internet Marketing. But what do you do with all of it? You certainly cannot sell the items [...]

I’ll use Thursday for this post to keep up with the momentum from yesterday. We saw last time how to create our autoresponder. Now we need to upload our file that contains our free gift to our web space, and create an autoresponder message that provides a download link. You should also create a few [...]

Last post I mentioned that I wrote an ebook for the Auto Pilot Cash Streams giveaway (as a reader, you can get it here without signing up for the giveaway: Link Cloaking 101). As part of that whole process, I had to set up an autoresponder, opt-in page, custom thank you pages, the whole bit. [...]

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