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There are plenty of places to put a banner advertising your blog these days, from Entrecard to Project Wonderful. But what makes an effective banner? One school of thought seems to be that any banner that gets a click is best. This gives rise to the recent rash of banners featuring sexy young women, advertising [...]

I’ve written a lot about keyword research before. My post about How Good Is Your Traffic? and Qualifying Your Visitors both talk about why less traffic is sometimes better than more traffic. This goes against typical online wisdom, which holds that the more traffic you get the better off you are. This leads people to [...]

Flogd Review

Flogd is a new service that provides you with a way to build an online store to sell your products. This is one of many such services offered online, but each has it’s own spin. Flogd is intended to help you sell your own products on your own website, or on MySpace. You can specify [...]

BlinkWeb Review

BlinkWeb is a new service that claims to allow anyone to build a web site through point and click technology. BlinkWeb is a bit like Google Pages. The features of both are similar. You can create a multi-page site, choose a layout and template from their gallery, and drag and drop different components onto the [...]

Online Time Management

When you’re working online time management becomes an important part of what you do. After all, we all know how easy it is to become distracted by various notifications coming into our email. Bloggers usually get emails when someone leaves a comment, or a comment needs to be moderated. If you run a forum, you [...]

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