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Make Money Promoting Bloggeries

I’m a big fan of the Bloggeries blog forum. It’s a great place for bloggers to learn from and help each other, and the admin over there, Rob, has built it up from a veritable ghost town to a thriving forum. It’s easy to forget that the forum is only part of what Bloggeries is. [...]

Monetization Started

As I mentioned in my blog anniversary post, one of the things I’ll be doing this summer is testing monetization on the blog. Unfortunately, I have had little time to even get anything up to test! I do have one banner up right now, that will appear above the post title on the index and [...]

At least, that’s what they always say. These days, though, it seems like service to the customer is coming in a distant second to adherence to company policies. And company policies seem to be created by people with little common sense, and are upheld by employees who refuse to think for themselves. Okay, you got [...]

Oronjo Review

This seems to be the season for new free services. is a service that provides payment processing for free. The idea is that you can sell either a file containing an ebook, audio, video, etc, or you can sell a page of content on your site. Oronjo takes care of storing the product you’re [...]

OneLinkDirectory Review

OneLinkDirectory is a service that provides a categorized listing of web sites, much like any other directory. The main difference is that in OneLinkDirectory, as the name implies, each category only has a single web site listed. So anyone who looks in that category sees only that one site. Well, two sites, actually…one featured (e.g. [...]

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