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I’m a big fan of keyword research. It’s a great way to identify existing demand in search engine traffic. You don’t have to specifically market a product to create demand, you tie into the demand that already exists. Doing well with keyword research means finding those keywords that have enough traffic to be profitable, and [...]

A post over at the Bloggeries Forum about an SEO trick using nofollow links caught my attention the other day. While the poster made some points I didn’t agree with (namely using nofollow when linking to certain authority sites), the basic principle is an excellent one. Web sites and blogs are treated the same as [...]

I wrote last week about needing to focus on fewer projects. The first step of doing that is to identify all the projects you currently have going, even if you’re not doing anything active on them. A project that, in your mind, is still ongoing drains your creativity even if you don’t spend time on [...]

Lately I’ve been wanting to work on a couple of writing projects. One is a design document for a new online service that I’d like to start. Eventually I’ll have to recruit a programmer or two and some other members of a team for it, but the first step is to get down on paper [...]

I mentioned in my recent anniversary post that most of my material for post ideas comes from my actual experiences with Internet Marketing. That’s good, because it gives my posts a unique spin that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s also good, because every thing I do online tends to generate at least one post [...]

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