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Regular readers will remember that I’ve done a couple of neglected niche sites. The basic idea is that you write a niche site and then forget about it for months at a time. You might submit it to some directories, but other than that you do absolutely nothing with it. Eventually it starts to get [...]

Where To Get Great Post Ideas

Most people who blog understand the need to produce regular content at regular times. Regular content means that Google knows when to visit your page to find your new posts, which means that your posts get indexed nearly immediately. When you don’t produce regular content, Google will not visit your site as often, delaying when [...]

When you’re planning on doing an Adwords campaign to sell affiliate products, you need a mini-site to boost your quality score (for more info, see my post on Adwords quality scores). But how do you make a mini-site? Search around for information, and you’ll see some software programs that are supposed to create the sites [...]

I was over at the Site5 web hosting site earlier today, and saw their latest special. It gives you way more disk space and bandwidth than you could ever really use, for $3.50 a month. It seems like this always happens in web hosting. You sign up with a host under a really great deal, [...]

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Want to have your writing featured here? Looking ahead to the one-year anniversary of Online Opportunity, I’m interested in doing something different than I’ve done before. The anniversary, measured by the date of my “Welcome” post, will be April 18th, just a bit over three weeks away. I’d like to take a little time off [...]

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